Friday, January 13, 2012

Chris Christie praises Obama political skills


In a wide-ranging interview with Oprah Winfrey, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has kind words for President Barack Obama, calling him “charismatic,” “genuine” and “as good a politician as I’ve ever seen.”

Winfrey, who is a well-known friend of the Obama family, asked Christie what he thought of the president’s reelection chances. The New Jersey Republican responded with a raft of compliments, according to the AP, which has obtained a full transcript of the interview.

“Those who underestimate Barack Obama, underestimate him at their own peril. He’s as good a politician as I’ve ever seen,” Christie said. “I think he’s very charismatic. And I think he’s genuine. I think what he says he believes, he believes. That’s a very dangerous politician.”

But the governor also said in the interview, set to air this Sunday, that the president is to blame for not facilitating a truce between the two parties in Congress.

“The only person who can call a truce, when Congress is at war at itself, is the president,” Christie said, according to a video clip posted on Oprah’s website.

“I work with Democrats, and we fight like crazy in public, but then we get in a room together and say, ‘there is a boulevard between getting everything I want and compromising my principles.’ I won’t compromise my principles, but I acknowledge I won’t get everything that I want. That’s what’s not happening in Washington right now. The only person that can make that happen is the president,” he added.

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