Friday, January 13, 2012

Obama's Most Vocal Black Critics Dial Back Attacks As Election Year Begins

That's a mistake. But it's the same old story. The American people are fed up with the politicians but continue to vote for the same people because they are fed the myth about the 'lesser of two evils." Because Republicans are so unfriendly to African-Americans does not mean they should vote for someone who does nothing for them but ignores them. Barack Obama is not only ignoring the plight of his most ardent supporters, he's thumbing his nose at them. Why do we always fall for that trap. They promise us the sky and moon and deliver nothing but hardship. I'm disappointed in West and Smiley. I thought they wouldn't just go along with the crowd:

The dynamic duo of PBS host Tavis Smiley and professor/activist Cornel West was it again in Washington Thursday evening during a live television broadcast of a program addressing poverty.

The two have made a traveling roadshow out of their roles as the loudest African-American critics of President Obama.

The forum, presented and moderated by Smiley and aired on C-SPAN, follows Smiley and West's 18-city tour last summer that called attention to the growing number of Americans in poverty, particularly blacks. During the tour, and at the original poverty forum last year, Smiley and West became lightning rods for accusing Obama of failing to adequately address problems affecting blacks.

But for two and a half hours on Thursday, Smiley and West made few waves for the president. It was several other panelists who expressed their dissatisfaction with Obama, including Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore.

Moore said the president's term has "been a disappointing three years....He thought he would be a nice guy. He turned the other cheek. ...Right now, we don't need a nice guy. We need someone who will stand up and kick some butt for his country."
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