Friday, January 13, 2012

D.C. mayor asks feds to close Occupy site

Once again we see how there is no difference between the two parties...and how they handle Occupy Wall Street. Both serve the same master. Occupy is inconvenient:

Two of the more persistent camps in the "Occupy" movement should be consolidated, says District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray. But demonstrators at both camps are unconvinced they should go along with the demand.
Pretty amusing. DC has been crime ridden for decades. And this mayor has the nerve to talk about crime and dangerous:
Gray has expressed concerns about rodents, poor sanitation, and a risk of petty crime at the McPherson Square site, a small city park surrounded by office buildings and busy streets a few blocks from the White House. In a letter this week to the National Park Service, Gray wrote "since both Occupy D.C. locations are under federal control, it falls to you to take immediate steps to remedy this dangerous situation."
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