Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eliot Spitzer: Obama 'Has Been On Wall Street's Side Since Day One'

Unfortunately Spitzer's words don't carry much weight. Democrats will continue to drink the White House cool aid and vote for Obama in November. But at least someone is on record in speaking the truth about ole Barack. The left has abandoned it principals just as they did when were at war against the Nazis. They embraced the monstrosity of Stalin because he was the "lesser evil." We get the same propaganda every Presidential election. We should vote for the failed Democratic Party because they are lesser evil than the Republicans. Meanwhile American ship Titanic heads for the iceberg:

When it comes to reforming Wall Street, President Obama is all talk, according to Eliot Spitzer.

The former New York governor took to Reuters TV's Fast Forward with Chrystia Freeland to slam the president for what he says is a talk-tough, act-weak approach to the financial industry, which less than five years ago brought the global economy to the brink of disaster.

"I'm not persuaded that this President has really been a voice for reform when it comes to Wall Street," he said. "Wall Street has pretended that it has taken its hits, but it really hasn't."

Spitzer summarized Obama's efforts as the "occasional speech" criticizing Wall Street practices, largely followed by little to no substantial legislative action.

"When it has come to actually putting in place the reform-based structure that would actually have changed the way the banking system works, he has really been on Wall Street's side since day one," Spitzer said.
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