Saturday, April 14, 2012

Karl Rove's Secret $10 Million Donor

This scum was a major player in the crimes of the previous administration. Now he is poisoning the well of American politics with the sinister fundraising made possible by the 'Citizens United' decision:

The dark money group founded by Karl Rove and other Republican luminaires, Crossroads GPS, reportedly received a contribution from one anonymous donor for $10 million, according to the Washington Post. WaPo reports, "The tax returns show that Crossroads GPS has collected the vast majority of its donations from the super rich. It reported that nearly 90 percent of its contributions through end of 2011 had come from as few as two dozen donors, each giving $1 million or more. Overall, the nonprofit raised more than $76 million since it was founded in May 2010 through the end of last year. 'That’s certainly not a grassroots movement, is it,' said Bill Allison, editorial director of the Sunlight Foundation, which advocates for transparency in government and politics. 'These donors can have a very disproportionate effect on politics, and the fact that we don’t know who they are and what kind of favors they will ask for is very troubling.'"
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