Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Felon, But He'll Probably Be Re-Elected Anyway

And then we wonder we have such lousy government. The politicians are so arrogant and the public so indifferent they think they can get away with anything. And we let them. So either stop complaining people or vote third party. Don’t be a spectator while the politicians destroy this country. You have a duty to participate in the electoral process and not choose crooks:

Former state House Speaker Bill DeWeese is campaigning for another term, though earlier this month, he gave a farewell address on the Pennsylvania House floor.

It’s not that DeWeese expects to lose. In fact, he’s running unopposed. It’s just that the day he wins the primary, the 17-term Democrat will become constitutionally ineligible to keep serving.

Actually, He’s Not Technically A Felon — Yet

In February, DeWeese was convicted of five corruption charges. A jury ruled he had used about $100,000 worth of state resources to conduct campaign work. The case was part of a long-running state corruption investigation that has led to the conviction of four legislators, plus one acquittal. When DeWeese emerged from the courtroom, he didn’t apologize.

“I certainly feel I did nothing wrong,” he said.
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